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Area for Virtual Art

LAUNCH 09–09–2020

The Area for Virtual Art is a place where people get together from all over the world to experience art, immerse themselves in new worlds and let go. The Area hosts exhibitions, discourse formats and social events and presents current digital artistic approaches, such as XR, interactive and AI based (art)works. We see the internet in its hyperlinked nature as the perfect exhibition and communication environment.

Art is one of the driving forces of our society when it comes to designing and testing utopias. We want to make use of the potential that art has when it comes to bodily encounter. The opening exhibition of the Area for Virtual Art „A Virtual Utopia“ explores the question of how body-bound our communication is and how we can conquer the metaverse and use it for our needs as an artist community and as a society.

The strongest motivations to create the Area for Virtual Art were to acquire new spaces in order to give art visibility and reach an international audience again. To achieve self-efficacy in a time that has made it so difficult to cross borders. 

The digital can be understood as a laboratory in which we can generate new experiences and experiment with our ideas of reality. The artistic and playful handling of space and of ourselves as avatars poses a challenge to our self-image, our own identity construction. 

What happens when communication moves completely online? In which world will we meet? And how will we interact with others?

The Area for Virtual Art makes it possible to teleport from world to world and rediscover new places together with others. The avatar as an embodiment of the self is another important pillar of these virtual worlds, it draws us into the stories and allows us to experience the space subjectively. As abstract, gender-unclassifiable yet personalized AVAtars – the Area’s avatars – we move through these landscapes and cities, can physically experience artworks, installations and virtual architecture, and create collaborative experiences through the possibility of immediate communication.

LAUNCH 09–09–2020

As part of the Ars Electronica 2020 Festival „In Kepler’s Gardens“, the Area for Virtual Art is giving a first insight into the virtual exhibition spaces and invite the audience for an exclusive “site inspection”, including an exhibition tour to hear more from the artists and a virtual party and radio show streaming to meet others. 


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