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The Audiovisual Breakthrough – Vjing and Visualists

The audivisual Breakthrough, Ana Carvalho and Cornelia Lund (eds.), Berlin 2015 THE AUDIOVISUAL BREAKTHROUGH PRACTICE AND DISCOURSE. AN INTRODUCTION AS MANUAL Ana Carvalho and Cornelia Lund The Audiovisual Breakthrough guides us across the landscape of artistic live practices that present sound and image through technological means. This landscape has been radically reshaped during the last 20 years due to technological developments causing what we might call an “audiovisual breakthrough,” which means that audio- visual artistic production has gained a certain visibility and a certain, even institutionalized, standing. The main objective of this book, however, is not to portray this landscape with its main players and their activities, but to find out more about the underlying concepts that help us explain these activities. Read more in the Pdf: LINK: theaudiovisualbreakthrough_print2_download